Done with him forcing and provoking me to be a person I’m not.

Done apologizing for things I didn’t do.

Done packing up my baby and leaving in the night.

Done not having a trustworthy, and love-worthy partner.

Done with his secret life.

Done with him lying to my face.

Done with him putting our son last.

Done finding drug paraphernalia everywhere.

Done smelling heroin and methamphetamine in the air.

Done with him denying irrefutable truths.

Done with him making the energy in the house negative, thick, dark, and suffocating.

Done with him talking to me any way he pleases.

Done with him calling me names.

Done hearing him stomp through the house.

Done with feeling overwhelmed and trapped.

Done with him ruining and sabotaging every holiday and special occasion.

Done with him only telling his carefully crafted version of the story.

Done with him lying about me.

Done coming second, third, tenth, and fifteenth to a group of his drug addict “friends”.

Done with him tearing down everything I build up.

Done with him being ungrateful.

Done with him attempting to hold our son in one hand, and a cigarette in the other.

Done with him gaslighting, blame-shifting, projecting, hoovering, love-bombing, and having narcissistic amnesia.

Done with the trauma-bond.

Done worrying where he is.

Done stressing out about who he’s with.

Done covering for him.

Done with helping him.

Done caring about him.

Done with him having no respect.

Done with him being inappropriate.

Done having nightmares about him.

Done with him abusing me in every way possible.

Done with him manipulating my mood and my emotions.

Done trying to get him into drug treatment, when he could care less.

Done with him getting upset with me and fighting with me for spending time with and staying in regular contact with my offspring, family, cousins, and best friends.

Done settling for the scraps he gives me.

Done with him clouding my creativity and clipping my wings.

Done with everything being turned upside down.

Done with him saying one thing, and doing another, oblivious to the difference.

Done trying to force him to be a loving and attentive father to his only child.

Done being on high-alert at all times.

Done with him doing the most.

Done with him doing the least.

Done with him disappearing.

Done with him expecting love by giving hate.

Done listening to his uncomfortable, inappropriate, and irrelevant stories.

Done listening to how he speaks to his mother and family.

Done with him taking no responsibility for his actions, words, and behaviours.

Done fighting via text.

Done fighting via fists.

Done having to be intimate with him.

Done with him not being able to perform sexually because his body was full of disgusting drugs.

Done with him over-performing sexually to make it up to me.

Done with him bringing up all my childhood and adulthood traumas, simply to gain a reaction.

Done being with someone who is so inconsiderate, haughty, and selfish.

Done with someone who behaves as a spoiled and entitled child.

Done being sold the dream.

Done always having to explain as if I’m the one causing the problems.

Done looking like the “crazy” one, while he starts it all, then sits back, as calm as one could be.

Done with him denying he’s our son’s father.

Done being forced to put him above all else.

Done being forced to forgive him.

Done with him playing the role of the good-guy.

Done with him bullying me.

Done with him using his physical size to inflict force upon me.

Done with the break-up, to make-up, to break-up, to make-up.

Done with him never standing up for me, his son, his family, or himself.

Done pretending I’m happy.

Done forcing a smile.

Done with the public façade.

Done with him humiliating me and embarrassing me in front of a group of heroin and meth addicts.

Done with him welcoming junkie trash through the front door.

Done being a punching bag.

Done being his doormat.

Done with him showing me off like a trophy.

Done with him showing his friends footage we made while we were in love or making up.

Done listening to him tell me he has never loved anything as he has loved me, playing on my weakness & willingness to love as the most unique of lovers.

Done with the twisted mind game.

Done with the manipulation.

Done putting his wants and needs before my own.

Done being let down and disappointed.

Done with him playing me for a fool.

Done waking up in the night, realizing he’s not there, looking around outside, and he’s gone, for hours on end.

Done with him keeping me awake, night after night, because he would fight with me or make noise to keep the house awake, open, and active.

Done with never getting any love or support.

Done never being replenished.

Done going without my needs being met.

Done with the fighting, arguing, yelling, slamming doors, punching and kicking doors in, breaking things, and throwing things.

Done cleaning up the post-fight mess.

Done pretending it’s not as bad as it was.

Done watching him be so two-faced, fake, and made-up.

Done with him blaming everyone else for his actions.

Done being instigated.

Done with him taking my things, then calling me a thief.

Done with him always laying on top of me to fight.

Done feeling lonely, even in his presence.

Done sleeping back-to-back, on the very edge of the bed.

Done believing he will ever change.

Done overcompensating for his shortcomings.

Done with all the chaos and drama.

Done with him taking up my time & headspace.

Done trying to make it all better.

Done hearing him leave.

Done hearing him come back.

Done keeping quiet.

Done with it all.